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About Sudhir Kove

Mr Sudhir Kove is the self-built entrepreneur and the first one who introduces ‘Wristwatch Analysis and Therapy’ & ‘Scientific Logo Designing’ to the world. Mr. Sudhir Kove is the founder of Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy and recognized as ‘The Logo Guru’.

He has a simple vision of popularizing graphology and other streams such as handwriting analysis, signature analysis, drawing analysis, wristwatch therapy, astrology, numero-grapho analysis, and scientific logo designing. He has done an in-depth study of graphology and related branches.

27 Years Experience
in this Field

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Sudhir Kove



Our mission is to serve our client with quality offerings based on in-depth technical knowledge about graphology and scientific logo designing.


Our mission is to offer valuable scientific analysis of a persons’ character based on their handwriting.

Mr Sudhir is passed out his BE Computer Science from esteem educational institution i.e. Veernata Jijabai Technology Institute (VJTI), Mumbai. He was former associate software engineer at HSBC Bank. He owned a skill and proficiency to find out root cause of any issue and try to eliminate them from human life to enhance their life journey. Hence, he curates the problem with various sciences-related remedial solutions.

With wide years of experience, Mr. Sudhir is dedicated to offer best-in-class trainings and consultation to attendees who want to become professionally independent or make their life hassle-free. He primarily focuses on offering value-based knowledge and life-changing solutions to resolve many professional and personal problems.

Our millstones:

  • 1000+ Students For Graphology Course
  • 500+ Students For Scientific Logo Design Course
  • 200+ For Wrist Watch Analysis
  • 100+ For Grapho-Numero Course