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numerology training courses

The whole universe revolves around Numbers. Alike, numbers has its impact on our personality and life journey too. Numerology is the metaphysical science that defines personality based on numerical combination & formation. Here, numbers derive from date of birth, name alphabet numbers, mobile number, plot number, vehicle number, and many others.

This Numerology course (Numero–Grapho) offered by Sudhir Kove Life transformation academy is considered as the new approach towards understanding the impact of numbers in one’s life. Numerology expert Mr. Sudhir kove has done an in-depth study of numerology practices and associated outcomes before offering this course to you.

After studying, we found that we can obtain more precise results if we combine graphology and numerology. Hence, it originates Numero – Grapho course where we teach learners about the forms of graphology and vibrations of numerology.

At Life Transformation academy, Numerology expert Mr. Sudhir Kove imparts knowledge about vibrations of numerology, forms of graphology. The course consist the change in name spelling, formation of signature, and activate numbers in this course. The prime objective for designing this course is to make learners individual consultants or numerology experts through in-depth knowledge of numerology and graphology as well!

Key concepts of this course:

  • Understand the connection with numbers
  • Combinations of numbers and their effects
  • Numerological predictions based on the mobile number
  • Determines health concerns based on numbers
  • Suggests remedial solutions considering numerology
  • Remedies through Crystals and Yantras
  • Name spell corrections
  • Numbers and diety (Upasana)
  • Basic understanding of graphology
  • Insights into all the letters and their meanings
  • Connection of letters and numbers
  • Way to activate number from letter formations

Who can opt for this course?

  • Vaastu experts
  • Architecture
  • Teachers
  • Mathematicians
  • Students above 16 years of age
  • Entrepreneurs and businessman
  • Individuals facing a troublesome situation
  • Become self-independent
  • And anyone who has keen interest to learn new things

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